Monday, January 3, 2011

Manu Sandejas - Vespa Boy

Manu Sandejas is currently married to Agot Isidro. He is an alumni of Paref Southrige, and is Editor-in-Chief of Scooterista — a local magazine that promotes the scootering lifestyle.

Manu Sandejas enjoys the advances in technology through his many gear-heavy hobbies. He loves cameras and uses them to document his travels. But his favorite gear by far is his Vespa scooter which takes him around the metro in style. Cruising the digital world is also one of Mr. Sandejas’ specialties, and you can count on this scooterista to give you a fun tour of the best of the web and more.

Through our interview, Mr. Sandejas said he was born to be on two wheels. Aside from his Vespa, he also enjoys mountain biking. He proudly proclaimed: “When I hit the lotto jackpot, I’m going to buy myself a big ass dual sport bike. And in the end, I might no longer go mountain biking nor off-road motorcycling, but my Vespa will remain with me. This wasp’s a keeper.”

In Scooterista Magazine, Mr. Sandejas has an assigned section of “Letters To Ed.” It’s his section where he can say just about anything he wants. When he is written to, asked questions or, receive comments and suggestions, it is up to him how to reply to these people. He can be serious or just about anything just as long as he still answers their queries no matter how ridiculous they might be. Whatever he decides to print in this section, he is always conscious of the primary objective of the magazine, which is to educate and uplift the Scooterista lifestyle in the country.


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